Advanced Talkbox


BTB115 Advanced Talkbox

The Bedrock BTB115 is an advanced acoustic signal generator that supports a variety of test signals, including STIPA and full STI. Designed to match a human talker in terms of directivity pattern and other characteristics, the BTB115 Advanced Talkbox removes the hassle out of creating a calibrated test setup.



  • Playback of STIPA and full STI signals according to IEC-61268 rev. 5 (2020).
  • Playback of noise signals
    (pink/white), e.g. for quick evaluation of frequency transfer functions.
  • Playback of sine waves and sweeps.
  • Spoken messages for announcing the beginning and end of test sessions (also to be used to obtain a subjective impression of speech quality) in 6 languages (US/UK/FR/SP/GE/DU), each in a male and a female voice.
  • Playback of user-uploaded signals, calibrated on-the-fly through the powerful internal DSP.
  • Full-color 4” LCD touch screen at the back, two round 1.8” displays on the front.
  • Balanced XLR line output (calibrated in dBU)
  • Phantom power XLR line/Mic input.
  • Integrated class 2 laser pointer and laser distance meter (range 0.03-1.50m). SPL at
    the test position is calculated from the distance.
  • Rubber feet on bottom and back of device allow forward-facing and upward-facing use. Standard UNC camera thread mount provided for tripod use.
  • Powered and charged from 12V through an external AC adapter (included), or USB-C power adapter.
  • USB-C data cable for firmware updates, remote control and user uploads.
  • Wireless control via WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • Internal 4800 mAh NiMH battery pack for up to 3 hours of off-grid use.


  • Effective frequency range 80 – 16,000 Hz
  • Acoustic output level at 1 meter distance (vocal efffort) adjustable in 1 dB steps between 54 and 72 dB.
  • Line output adjustable in 1 dB steps between -30 and -12 dBU.
  • Noise, STIPA and Full STI signals conform to target spectra within 1 dB (measured at 1/3 octave resolution).
  • User calibration of the device supported with BAMT1 measurement microphone (not included).