BAC1 and BAC2

Acoustic Calibrators

BAC Acoustic Calibrator

BAC1 and BAC2 Acoustic Calibrators

Acoustic calibrators enable you, as a user of acoustic measuring instruments, to verify the level calibration of your instrument, and make adjustments if needed. It is considered “good laboratory practice” to do this before and after every measuring session. Even though there are microphones that are exceedingly stable, it is still a good idea to adopt this measure as a precaution.

We offer two product versions: BAC1 and BAC2 (respectively for class 1 and class 2 devices). The devices are easy to operate and require very little maintenance. Each device comes with a calibration certificate issued by an external accredited laboratory. We recommend the BAC1 for both the Bedrock SM50 and Bedrock AM100 Class 1 Measuring Instruments, and the BAC2 (which complies with class 2) for the Bedrock SM30 and SM90. The Bedrock BAC2 (class 2 version) comes complete with an adapter for our standard class 2 microphone (BAMT2).