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Bedrock Intelligibility Measurement Kit

This kit contains all you need for speech intelligibility measurements using the STIPA method according to most national and international standards, including the following:

  • IEC-60268-16
  • ISO-7240-19
  • NFPA72 Annex D
  • NEN2575
  • DIN-60849/DIN-VDE-0833-4
  • BS-5839-8


The kit consists of a Bedrock SM50 analyzer and a Bedrock BTB65 Talkbox, combined in a rugged waterproof carrying case.

The functionality extends far beyond just STIPA measurements, and covers all of the most commonly required acoustic test methods:

  • STIPA measuring (quick screening mode, pro mode)
  • Full STI using the direct method (65 second measurement). With firmware 2.0 
  • Speech Level Measurements cf IEC-60268 Annex J. With firmware 2.0 
  • Type 2 / class 2 Sound Level Meter (fast, slow, A/C.Z-weighting, Leq)
  • Real Time Analyzer (1/3 and 1/1 octave)
  • FFT analyzer (detailed frequency analysis up to 32768 lines)
  • RT60 measuring (reverberation times: T20/T30/EDT).
  • Calibrated audio recording
  • Leq long-term logging and averaging
  • Audio oscilloscope
  • USB audio device mode - calibrated audio for your PC-based software applications
  • More functionality will be added through free future firmware upgrades

The Bedrock Intelligibility Measurement Kit can be bought through any of our distributors. Feel free to contact us directly if no distributor is listed for your region. The measurement kit is shipped worldwide with our global 24-month pick-up and return warranty.

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